The Quality of Challenger:

  • A premium quality chipping potato with excellent taste
  • Very easy to clean with little wastage
  • Uniform, with consistently good fry colours
  • Exceptional long term storage with stable sugars
  • Low absorption of fat
  • Grown only on England's most fertile soils
"Challengers chips are golden chips, good colour and very tasty. Customers give me compliments and recommend me to their friends."
Emelios Angelides
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"Challenger chips are absolutely the best. The chips are crisp on the outside, moist and tasty inside, and stand well in the heated box."
Hasan Behedin
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"Compared to Maris Piper, we hardly see any bruising at all – which again means less waste, and less picking through to discard the bruised potatoes.”
Shane and Elaine Hesketh
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